Wastewater management in India – A review

Water and Indian population has a lot of relation, we cannot think a day without water, whether it’s for our house hold or for industrial usage. To be exact we are extremely vulnerable to changes in water supply and we largely depend on monsoon which has an even more a vulnerable nature to feed the water needs of 60% of India’s population which lives on agriculture. The worst part is that two thirds of their land need to be still fed with rain water. There are lot of programmes launched by the government, which is worked to improve the industrial ideas of the country, which all would have “Water” as the primary flux for stages from infrastructure building to product making.

If you take the case of urban areas the pressure on water resources is extreme as the demand is also too much as the density of population is high. The distribution of water is also not an easy task ask pipe water is carried through long distribution networks which loses quality and costs involved is much higher. The distribution is also less efficient and consumes a lot of energy for supplying and pumping from natural resources which can be really far away.

A local level solution is essential for ensuring sustainable water management is the best where we can ensure that reuse of treated wastewater would be the best practice in achieving water security.

Waste Water Wasted?

It’s really sad to note that 80% of water supplied is flowing back to the ecosystem as alarming health and environmental hazard as it’s not treated effectively. In India we have so much of infrastructure where we can effectively treat waste water, but their capacity is not effectively utilized.

There have been much studies on this topic where experts have found that the lack of proper water supply for coal companies where water is the main affluent for cooling thermal power plants. In addition to major needs of life and industrial usage, wastewater treatment opens up economic opportunities for energy and fertilizer recovery.

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Wastewater management in India – A review