Water Pollution and Preventive measures to be taken

Water pollution is the major environmental issues seen nowadays. Water is contaminated with harmful substances like chemicals, garbage and other foreign particles. It directly or indirectly pollutes water bodies such as ponds, lakes, rivers, sea and oceans and as a result affects the life of plants and organisms living in these water bodies as well. Polluted water is neither safe for drinking and for other consumption processes nor suitable for agricultural and industrial purposes.

With the modernization in the society and advancement in technology, knowingly or unknowingly all are polluting surrounding environment and no more cares are given for natural resources and are poising great risk to our health too. And with the water scarcity, it has become crucial to take a step to use the natural resources in their safest form.

Sources of Water Pollution

The main sources of water pollution consist of

Domestic Waste – Domestic waste is the waste generated through various household activities that contains both organic and inorganic materials such as phosphates and nitrates. Without doing proper treatment, dumping the household waste in the nearby water source lead to many harmful consequences health wise.

Agricultural Waste – For agricultural purposes, Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are being used in high quantities. And during the downpours, the runoffs from these agricultural fields get mixed with water, causing the water to pollute, which in turn contaminates the water sources such as rivers, streams and lakes.

Industrial Waste – The waste material that comes from the industries are very hazardous and these industrial effluents are a major source of water pollution. It contains many harmful, toxic substances and heavy metals like lead, mercury, nitrates, phosphates, oils, etc. These.

Plastic – Plastic dumping in water doesn’t decompose and moreover this can cause injury to many aquatic life. People who burn their plastic domestic waste do not realize how harmful this practice is to their health and to the environment due to the release of poisonous chemicals.

Oil Pollution – Oil spills, shipping, and dumping are causing the oceans to pollute. Since oil cannot dissolve in water, it forms a thick layer in the water. And, the formation of this layer, causes aquatic life in danger.

Prevent Water pollution

There are many methods to treat and prevent water pollution. De-nitrification, septic tank, wastewater treatment are some of the measures that can be done to make environmentally friendly. And wastewater treatment is very necessary to treat water pollution otherwise it will pose plants, animals, and human life to a great risk. So, it is necessary for every one of us to take appropriate steps to prevent our most precious resource, water, from getting polluted. The water that we used in homes, industries and other commercial places which are termed as wastewater, should be treated before it is released back to the environment.

             Wastewater Treatment Company comes with a solution for all this through their wastewater treatment plant. By Wastewater treatment plant, it helps to remove all the harmful bacteria and make water safer to use before the water is discharged back to the environment. Sewage Treatment Plant design consists of the different treatment process which include the filtration process of treated wastewater to remove solids, oils, bacteria and other dirtied products. Then the water is treated with UV light to remove further organic compounds. And finally, it should meet the quality standards and other standards for the distribution of water in residential or commercial areas. These waters can be used for gardening, flushing toilets, or for washing or cleaning purposes where fresh water is not required and thus it can be conserved. In this manner, wastewater recycling services can reduce fresh water requirements very substantially.

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Water Pollution and Preventive measures to be taken