GME takes an initiative to introduce a new certification course for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

One of the renowned Wastewater management Company in Kochi, Kerala – Green Method Engineering under the leadership of the Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) – a Skill Development Mission of Government of Kerala, has put in place SWAT – School of Water Technology. SWAT is the first of its kind in India which offers certification courses for Water and wastewater treatment operators which are high in demand at present. The main motive behind SWAT is to ensure the preservation of environment by giving methodical training to the participants to become skilled workers to conserve our water bodies and contribute towards sustainable industrial and economic growth of the country. Whereas, KASE is an initiative of the Government of Kerala to promote, establish, setup, monitor, govern and regulate various institutions and academies for the development of core employability skills and competency standards to meet the demands of various industries.

With the SWAT, the Certification program insures that water and wastewater operators have sufficient knowledge, trained and experience to properly operate the system, and in turn protect human health and safety of the environment. Qualified and well-trained Water and Wastewater operators have a major role in improving the quality of water from the waste. And for the successful operation, maintenance and management of wastewater treatment plant, Certification in water & Waste water Treatment Plant is essential for the operators which emphasize strategic wastewater management treatment through well-organised class work and onsite practical training.

The certification program is a 4 months duration course which is designed for science stream students and the training is built around curriculum that presents the latest approaches and technologies in Wastewater Treatment Plant and onsite practical training to demonstrate competency in the design and implementation of the sewage treatment plant. The syllabus consists of 45 hours of class work and 105 hours of onsite practical training which includes 1 month internship at a functioning plant. SWAT incorporates all the facilities and infrastructures essential for the students which includes smart class rooms, basic mechanical & electrical workshop and KSPCB approved B grade Chemical laboratory.

The performance of a student is assessed by different methods like written examinations, practical examinations, and internal assessments. And a 60% placement is assured after successful completion of the course for the employment in the domestic and overseas market as well.

Green Method Engineering (GME) is a well-established Wasterwater treatment plant manufacturing Company in Kochi, Kerala. Green Method Engineering with many years of experience in the wastewater treatment has complete solutions to sustain environment eco-friendly as possible and has got many accreditations for their services. GME consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced professional to offer project management, design, construction, fabrication and installation services. From process selection and design, mechanical & electrical equipment, installation, commissioning & maintenance, Green Method Engineering meets all the needs for waste water treatment plant delivery. GME has covered with an extensive range of wastewater solutions, providing a suite of cost effective and easily maintainable wastewater treatment services.

GME takes an initiative to introduce a new certification course for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator