As a leading Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) manufacturer in India, we at GME offer wide range of effluent treatment plants and recycling services suited to the need for your industry. Effluent Treatment is a passion than business for the Engineers at GME. Their familiarities with varied effluents over the years have helped them in developing innovative concepts and ideas. Among them are: Approach the effluent with a view to re-use the treated water than to discharge it by merely meeting the regulatory requirements. Over the years, we have been manufacturing comprehensive effluent water treatment plants and this is how we became the leading manufacturer, supplier of effluent waste water treatment plants in Kerala & South India majorly.

  • Look at effluent as a precious (misplaced) resource and not waste
  • Produce commercially valuable products from the effluent

Any treatment design first explores the possibility of treating the effluent with a view to wholly or partially re-uses the same in the original process or for an auxiliary application. The option of discharge comes into picture only when recycling/re-use is prohibitively expensive or not permitted.