Moving Bed Bio-Reactor ( MBBR )

We provide biological treatment system based on the revolutionary Moving Bed Bio Reactor ( MBBR) Technology with high surface area and made up of PE The system will reduce the foot print of conventional treatment plants by more than 70% The system can also be used to increase the capacity of existing activated sludge process based treatment plants by at least 150% without any additional construction

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Sewage Treatment Plants / Grey Water Treatment Systems

SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS / GREY WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS Modular, Pre-fabricated/Skid mounted/totally underground design for apartments and hotels. Turnkey solutions offered for Hospitals ,Apartment Complexes and Townships Modular units suitable for re-location, if and when required in future. An odor – free unit delivering crystal clear water. Treated water from the System is suitable for re-use in irrigation, flushing toilets and floor cleaning. Post-chlorination and filtration makes treated water 100% pathogen free. Service Contracts from operating & maintaining the unit.

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Industrial Effluent Treatment/ Recycling Systems

Industrial Effluent Treatment is a passion than business for the Engineers at GMS. Their familiarities with varied effluents over the years have helped them in developing innovative concepts and ideas. Among them are: Approach the effluent with a view to re-use the treated water than to discharge it by merely meeting the regulatory requirements. Look at effluent as a precious (misplaced) resource and not waste. Produce commercially valuable products from the effluent. Any treatment design first explores the possibility of treating the effluent with a view to wholly or partially re-uses the same in the original process or for an auxiliary application. The option of discharge comes into picture only when recycling/re-use is prohibitively expensive or not permitted.

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Membrane Based Treatment System

GME offers wide range of membrane treatment systems like Ultra Filtration - UF Reverse Osmosis- RO

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Thermal Evaporation Systems For Ro Reject Concentration And Caustic Recovery

Design ,build ,supply, installation, erection and commissioning of multi stage evaporation unit is another in house strength of GME team .The systems installed by GME for the evaporation of RO...

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Energy And Water Conservation Consultancy Services

As energy and water conservation are an integral part of any eco friendly operation GME offers various services to its esteemed clients by availing the services of some world renowned consultants and institutions.

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Operation And Maintenance Service For ETP/STP

GME has a separate Service Division and offers all types of maintenance and operation services to clients as per their requirement. We offer services, from periodical maintenance to complete man-and-operate services for STP’s and ETP’s.

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Design Consultancy For Water And Waste Water Systems

GME provides varied services for cleaning water and conserving water as a small contribution to sustain life on this planet as we have many years of experience in the field of water and waste water treatment .

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Other Services

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